Genesis Welcomes Michael Call and Coma to the stream team

Genesis Welcomes Michael Call and Coma to the stream team

Genesis welcomes two new faces to the #GENFAM Stream and content creation team.

Michael Call and CoMa.

"CoMa is a young and lively streamer. He has based himself around minecraft streaming but will be moving to streaming console gaming too as he will soon be able to expand his arsenal of games. He is a vibrant and funny content creator and has plans to move to bigger and greater heights and hopes Genesis can help him do as such. With Upcoming events like Streamer Showdown and such planned then he surely wont be going unnoticed in said upcoming events.

Michael is a lively personality who wants to try and create an atmosphere that his viewers can call home. He’s the kind of individual who wants to interact with his chat and will open up a video sent to him by his viewers even if he’s mid game. He’s a great individual with a great sense of humour. He mainly streams Rocket League and FPS but he wants to just chill with his viewers by just chatting every now and then to give them that homely atmosphere he wants his channel to be." - Vaifal, CC and Streamer Manager

"Both Michael and CoMa bring some diversity and a range of variety content to Genesis, they have both shown that they are committed to Genesis. Genesis will aim to improve and develop their content. I'd like to personally welcome them both to Genesis and I cannot wait to get stuck in and help them be the best they can be. " - William 'Danger' Macdonald, CEO.

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