About US

Founded by William 'Danger' Macdonald and Seth 'Silv3r' Bagwell in July 2019, Genesis Gaming is an esport organisation with it's main focus on Rainbow Six Siege. Since its formation Genesis has expanded into other games such as FIFA and League of Legends.

In January 2020 Genesis rebranded. Our brand presence was rebuilt and modernised with a new logo incorporating a fresh, clean design. In February 2020, Genesis Launched Visuals which is a dedicated section towards Graphic design and video editing. Visuals aim to deliver high quality design and editing work whether that be graphics or videos for Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and any other social media platform.

Genesis is also home to many brilliant streamers and content creators who all show amazing support.  

What is important to us?

- The ability to adapt

- Assertiveness 

- Motivation and Commitment

Our Vision and Plan

We aim to be able to give a chance to players who want to succeed in esports, with teams who see long-term commitment here at Genesis. We want to give players the chance to go to a LAN and compete under a strong name.

Genesis aim to be known nationally and internationally. we are aiming to compete in larger tournaments both national and international.

If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to shoot us a DM on twitter, join the discord, email us at genesisgaminggg1@gmail.com or go to Contact Us